261 Powell St, Vancouver, BC V6A 2Z1  |  (604) 559-7585

Cuchillo is located in Vancouver’s industrial gem, Railtown (East of Gastown, West of Main).  It serves Latin American tapas and flavorful entrees.

We are always looking for good places to eat, especially places with great surroundings and atmosphere.  Cuchillo has been highly touted in a number of posts we have seen so we thought we would give it a try.

The inside of the restaurant itself is amazing!  We live in a loft and love industrial decor.  Everything about the exposed pipes, brick walls, wood beams, bar and flooring made us feel right at home!  The open kitchen with sugar skulls along the front of the bar was a nice touch.

We have noticed that the recent trend in many restos around Vancouver is to have tables spaced so close together that you can literally touch the person next to you.  Cuchillo is no different.  Be prepared to have your neighbors comment on your food, even to say how much they don’t like what you have ordered!

Our only major criticism is that they do not have any beer on tap!  While their specialty is cocktails, for the beer lovers out there, we would have expected at least a few draught options.  In any case, we ordered beer and received cans.

Our waitress was helpful and gave us suggested pairings and order sizes for our first visit.  Share plates are our favorite as we always split our meals and eat family style, even if it is just to two of us.


First up, corn bread azul with guajillo chili butter.  This is not the typical sweet cornbread that one would expect.  It was actually fairly dense and bland but paired with the chili butter was tasty.


If you order the Bison Short Rib, prepare for a flavor assault, in a good way!  This dish was bursting with flavor and even though the bison was slightly overcooked, the taste made up for it.  The dish is very large and definitely an item to share.  Prepared with  mulato chili, carmelized shallot y prune jus and walnut valedeon queso azul.  Recommended!


Finally, the best of them all, the Baja style battered rockfish tacos prepared with jicama slaw y chipotle aioli, kale and hemp corn tortillas.  This was also bursting with flavor!  The fish was not over-battered and the batter itself was nice and light.  The jicama was a nice touch and helped balance all the flavor of the fish and aioli.  The tacos only come in 2’s, BUT, they include 2 extra tortillas so that you can make 4 tacos!  A nice touch also because the tortillas are slightly small for the amount of filling.  Recommended!


Overall, the dishes were very well prepared, uniquely presented and the food was full of flavor!  There is a great buzz in the restaurant but wasn’t great for an intimate dinner for two.  We will be back…with friends!

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